Bowl Menu 

Your Bowl Prices :

Bitty Bowl $2

Big Bowl $4

Big Ol' Bowl $6

Fruity Cereal

Fruity Pebbles with Marshmallows cal.110/275/385

Fruit Loops with Marshmallows Cal. 110/275/385

Lucky Charms cal. 114/285/399

Always Appropriate :

Cinnamon Toast Crunch cal. 169/423/592

Reese's Puffs cal. 120/300/420

Captain Crunch cal. 144/360/504

Frosted Flakes cal. 150/375/525

Chocolate Cereal :

Cocoa Puffs cal. 117/293/410

Cocoa Rice Krispy cal. 120/300/420

S'more cal. 150/375/525

Healthy Cereal :

Kellogg’s Raisin Brand cal. 190/475/665

Special K cal. 120/300/420

Honey Bunches of Oats cal. 120/300/420

Honey Nut Cheerios cal. 112/280/392

Your Ice Cold Milk Choices :

2% Milk cal. 130/325/455

1% Milk cal. 110/275/385

Whole Milk cal. 150/375/525

Boost Your Milk


Silk Almond Milk cal. 60/150/210

Lactaid 1% Milk cal. 110/275/385

Bowl Boosters :


50 Cents per Booster





$1.00 Per Premium Booster



Nut Clusters



1.)  1 Bitty bowl + 1 Jumbo muffin $6.00

2.) 1 Jumbo muffin + coffee/or milk $5.50

3.) 1 Big bowl + 1 mini met muffin $7.00

4.) 3 mini met muffins + coffee/or milk $7.00

5.) 1 Cereal french toast sandwich - sausage/or bacon + 1 hashbrown + coffee/milk $8.50

Cereal French Toast Sandwiches

Flavor will vary daily

Sandwich only sausage/or bacon $5.00

 Gourmet Cereal Muffins

Muffin flavors will vary day by day.

Brand Ambassador 

Loopidy Loop

Cinnamon Drizzle

Smore's Galore

Pebbles n' Cream

Ritsy Reeces


Big O

Captain n' Cream

Puff Master

Special Ops

The Leprechaun

Honey Swarm

 Jumbo Gourmet & Mini Met

$22 1/2 Dozen Jumbo Single Brand Muffin

$28 1/2 Dozen Jumbo Mix Match Muffins

$22 1 Dozen Mini Met Single Muffin

$28 1 Dozen Mini Met Mix Match Muffins


Regular & Decaf Coffee

One Size $2.00


A La Carte Milk


Bitty Cup $1

Big Cup $1.50

Big Ol' Cup $2.00

Every Big Ol' Bowl Gets 1 Free Booster!!

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Event Catering
We offer catering! 
Office parties
Birthday Parties
Sports Games/Practices
Gatherings of all types!

Cereal on the Go


We are a MOBILE food vendor!

Specializing in Cereal

Cereal even has it's own day!

National Cereal Day - March 7th

Family Owned Business


Owner and Adoring Wife Lauren Thompson

Co Owner and Loving Husband  Christopher Thompson

"We are dedicated in providing excellent service to everyone that visits our Cereal Stand"

"Our vision came to life overnight and we couldn't be happier!"



Tel: 256-770-9379

Alternate Number 256-225-0370

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